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In the Fitness Australia-approved Elite Strength Coach Certification, Network provides you with the necessary skills and knowledge to develop and deliver strength programs for clients with varied experience levels and goals.

The course author, Jason Schulman, is highly qualified, holding academic degrees including a masters degree in exercise science, an undergraduate degree in human movement studies and accreditation with numerous professional organisations. He has experience as strength and rehabilitation coach with the Sydney Swans AFL team, strength and power coordinator for the Sydney Roosters Rugby League team in the NRL, and strength and conditioning coach with the NSW Waratahs Super 14 team.

Strength Training Coach
Strength Training Coach


  • Gain a sound understanding of the physical and physiological changes in the pregnant and post natal body
  • Learn how to modify exercise programs through each trimester of pregnancy
  • Delivered online and on DVD, courses can be completed from the convenience of home!

Australian Fitness Network’s Elite Strength Coach consists of four comprehensive courses that cover all aspects of strength training, ensuring you graduate with the confidence of knowing you can train clients effectively and get the best possible results.

Positive Gains: No-Nonsense Hypertrophy

This course explores:

  • Muscular function & hypertrophy
  • Science of hypertrophy –how muscles grow as a result from training
  • Muscle fibre types
  • Specific training methods & training protocols used to elicit hypertrophy
  • Specific exercises & techniques used to achieve hypertrophy
  • Programming specifics and variables
  • Periodising hypertrophy into the yearly calendar for a field based contact sport athlete

5 CECs

Maximum Strength, Absolute Power

This course explores:

  • Adaption’s to strength & power training
  • The force & velocity curve representing the relationship between load & speed of movement
  • The relationship between strength & power
  • Specific training methods & training protocols used to elicit strength & power
  • Programming specifics and variables for beginner/intermediate & advanced clients
  • Periodizing strength & power into the yearly calendar for a field based contact sport athlete

5 CECs

Optimising Sporting Performance from Adolescence to Elderly

This course explores:

  • The principal of individual differences when training a special population
  • Resistance training with adolescence and effects on the growth plates
  • Training protocols for adolescent resistance training
  • Long term athlete development (LTAD)
  • Aging and loss of muscle mass ‘sarcopenia’
  • Methods & guidelines for resistance training for the elderly
  • Resistance training for athletes including needs analysis, planning & periodization, overtraining, testing & programming

5 CECs

Advanced Aids and Training Tools

This course explores:

  • The use of equipment to alter the kinetics and movements of a lift
  • Biomechanical & physiological advantages of chains and bands
  • How to manipulate the force & velocity relationship to favour movement speed
  • Effects of manipulating loading during eccentric and concentric portions of lifts
  • Guidelines for use of sleds for strength, power & endurance training
  • Setting the range of movement using boxes and boards
  • Enhancing posterior chain development to improve athletic performance

5 CECs


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Positive Gains: No-Nonsense Hypertrophy $109 $149 Enrol now!
Maximum Strength, Absolute Power $109 $149 Enrol now!
Optimising Sporting Performance from Adolescence to Elderly $109 $149 Enrol now!
Advanced Aids and Training Tools $109 $149 Enrol now!

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