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Handstand and deliver! Turning bodyweight training on its head • The 6 stages of fitness business growth • PT’s personalisation revolution • How to promote new classes • The safe way to push clients to their limits • Don’t be fooled by kombucha wannabes • Spread the word for your PT business • How food affects our mental health • + LOADS MORE!

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Nutrition Coach


Network's Nutrition Intensive

Gain the skills to provide your clients with nutritional support and coaching, by completing the Nutrition Intensive from Australian Fitness Network, the fitness industry’s leading continuing education provider.

Comprising three comprehensive modules, the Nutrition Intensive equips fitness professionals with the skills to motivate clients to make positive dietary changes.

Complete individual modules, or purchase all three CEC-approved modules and
receive the bonus ‘Effective Nutrition Coaching’ (valued at $149) FREE.

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Yoga Focus: How to become a yoga teacher

You’re thinking about adding yoga to your teaching repertoire – but with so many styles and courses to choose from, where do you start?

Music for peace in a hurried world

A lifelong history of anxious thoughts and feelings caused Stanton Lanier to seek distraction in music. His first composition led to a change in career direction and life that has also impacted millions around the world, including countless fitness professionals and their clients.

It’s in our power to reduce stigma and save lives

Initial consultations with clients and members provide an opportunity to unearth emotional motivations and transform lives, not just body fat percentages, believes movement coach Kylianne Farrell.

INJURY & REHAB: Respect the nerves!

Certain exercises and stretches can aggravate clients’ nerves – but some simple postural adjustments can be all it takes to reduce risk of neural tension and discomfort.

FILEX: the fitness industry convention

“All the presenters I saw this year were awesome. I will stalk all of Scott Rawcliffe’s sessions next time, he gets everyone inspired and motivated and his content was brilliant. Joe Cirulli was amazing, such an incredible guy, and his sessions were packed. The TRX guys were loads of fun and had everyone laughing the whole time, as did the guys that ran the battle rope sessions. Thanks again for all of your hard work.”


“I just wanted to sincerely thank you for the opportunity to represent Precision Nutrition and the US at such an amazing event. From the professionalism of your staff and the hospitality and interactions from the attendees, it truly was an incredible experience.”

ADAM FEIT Presenter

“It was a great weekend, met lots of cool people and took away quite a bit. Thank you for the experience, and to you and your professional team for making things seem so smooth, I look forward to next year!”


“I had such an amazing experience and am beyond impressed by the professionalism and dedication of the Network team and delegates.”


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