We all know that women want a total body work­out that will attack those dreaded prob­lem areas — legs, butt, thighs and arms. They want to get fit quick, do something different, have a tale to tell or an impressive photo to post, and have some fun at the same time! And this is why the new Barre Attack program, powered by Network, is one of the fastest growing fitness formats to hit Aussie Shores.

Already available in some Fitness First clubs, there are currently hundreds of qualified Barre Attack instructors throughout Australia, each of whom are already reaping the professional benefits of being able to deliver this unique program.

Barre Attack


Pioneered by former professional ballerina Renee Scott, Barre Attack is a moderate resistance-based 45 to 60-minute total body workout which is designed for females who are serious about their strength training and who want to ‘feel the burn’ but without lifting big heavy weights.

Developed in Australia for Australians, Barre Attack requires no license or ongoing fees, making it the ideal solution for any fitness/health professional, studio or health club seeking to attract new participants and get results that their clients and members will rave about.


There are three key elements to the Barre Attack program:

Barre Attack


This section is all about mod­i­fied bal­let moves, so you’ll learn how do use traditional ballet terms like “1st posi­tion”, “2nd posi­tion” and “plié” (if this language is a bit scary for you, then check out Wikipedia’s Glos­sary of Bal­let to learn more). During this section, your participants will typically hold one hand on the barre, while their legs and butt undergo a seri­ous workout.

Barre Attack


This section uses large elas­tic bands looped over the barre to create resistance. The exercises you’ll deliver in this section are all designed to strengthen the core, arms, back and legs, with a bonus benefit of relieving some serious stress (and who doesn’t need a bit of that?).


Barre Attack


Throughout the class, you’ll integrate different car­dio inter­vals to help participants boost their over­all fit­ness, smash the calo­ries and will get the blood pumping.

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The Barre Attack certification is divided into the following three components.


Delivered over two six-hour days, you’ll learn each exercise in the Barre Attack repertoire, along with all the cues and technical execution points you’ll need to know to teach them successfully. The course also covers class design and structure, to ensure you can easily adapt the class to suit various requirements such as duration, programming and participant abilities.

The Foundations course is divided into three sections, with each one focusing on a different area of the body.

Barre: Think: next level ballet but with more sweat and better muscle activation. One arm is generally always on the barre, ensuring the glutes and legs take the brunt of this workout. Basic ballet terminology is used during this section, so read up on your ballet glossary here.

Elastics: Add another level of intensity with resistance training. By looping large elastic bands over the barre, you’ll learn how to teach exercises such as lunges and boxing, to effectively and efficiently strengthen the core, arms and legs.

Cardio: This is where you’ll learn how to interweave small bursts of high intensity cardio throughout the class, as a way to get the participants’ blood pumping, fat burning and sweat dripping.


To successfully achieve your Barre Attack certification you’ll need to complete one of the below three options:

• Attend the half day (four-hour) Refresher workshop ($220); OR
• Submit a DVD with your class format ($165); OR
• Book a private 80-minute assessment session (maximum two people, available in either Sydney or Melbourne ($165).


This workshop is available to those who have successfully completed both the Foundations course and the Refresher/Certification workshop. Here you’ll expand your repertoire by learning new skills to give you the ability to provide more challenging options to your advancing clients. You’ll walk away with a fresh approach that you can implement immediately into your classes.

To successfully achieve your Barre Attack certification you’ll need to complete one of the below three options:

1. Attend the half day (four-hour) Refresher workshop ($220); OR
2. Submit a DVD with your class format ($165); OR
3. Book a private 80-minute assessment session (maximum two people, available in either Sydney or Melbourne ($165).

Upon successful completion, the Barre Attack certification is recognised for 12 APMA with the Australia Pilates Method Association and 12 CECs with Fitness Australia.

IMPORTANT: You must successfully complete both the Foundations course and the Refresher/Certification workshop in order to attain the above CECs.

Absolutely! Once you’ve gained your certification, you’ll receive Barre Attack marketing materials, such as posters, flyers, logos, pictures and graphics.

You’ll be able to use the Barre Attack video and our trademarked name, and we’ll include your details on the official website as a certified instructor, providing you with valuable exposure and access to clients who are looking for Barre Attack in their area.

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